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What we do

We are focused on integrating solutions for companies in need.

We make digital transformation an easy task by translating your “ABCs” into “0101”, and rest assured that you will be served by a team of pros with technology that’s agile and forerunning.

And all our customers are enjoying these benefits:
– the business advantage over their competitors,
reduced cost of operation;
– better efficiency and staff loyalty due to improved IT;
data and analytics to better address supply chain demand;
– faster response to meet customer’s expectation

Our Services

Improve efficiency and profitability... through smart integration of technology tools.

Management Services

IT Project Management

Tell us your ultimate goal, and we will get you the solution.

And we make sure you get:

  • optimized deployment of your existing resources;
  • integrate the latest technology that best addresses your needs;
  • setup QA checkpoints and timely report to management;
  • staff training to assure smooth deployment.
System Management

Our expert system engineers have rich experience in deploying advanced technology to help you manage your system and sub-system.  What you get is a high performance, secured and well-managed system in 7/24.

Cloud Management
  • migrate your data and resources to the Cloud environment to take advantage of the high availability and scalability;
  • fast worldwide access and strong security firewalls;
  • cost saving due to Cloud’s optimized hardware usage; instant data update across branches and offices and overall better customer satisfaction.

ICT Services

IT Outsourcing

– No need to hire and manage your IT dept., a proven cost-effective practice engaged even by listed companies, we have the bullet-proof experts standing by to support you 724.

Server Room / Structure Cabling / Server Rack

– We have decades of experience in setting up the server room with top brand hardware and software. The bottom line is a world-class server room and unparalleled security.

Access Control

– we can link entrance Access Control with ERP to save your HR and Accounting resources

Surveillance System

– Advanced Surveillance hardware & software that’s linked to your Cloud server for 724 security

PBX / IP Phone System

– decades of experience in installing advanced PBX/IP Phone system

Application Development

Application Development

Our niche is our advanced skillset, with spices of creativity – we create customized Applications from simple phone Apps to web portal dynamic cost calculator… to fully customized Applications that finally goes patented.

Automation Process Development

We created solutions to automate QA process that used to take 6 staff…  now customer enjoys full labor-free automation and enjoyed excellent ROI from this automated solution.

ERP / Accounting System

We have a professional team to build ERP or Accounting System from the very ground up.  The benefit is highly-available and accurate order processing, inventory and fulfillment.

We are proficient in application for

Technology Voucher Programme (TVP) FUNDING

This program aims to encourage and support local SMEs in the adoption of digital technology to improve productivity, upgrade or optimize their business process.

• company registered in Hong Kong with at least 1 year of substantive business operation
• manufacturing businesses fewer than 100 staff in HK; or non-manufacturing businesses fewer than 50 staff in HK

Effective from 1 April 2020, TVP Funding increased to $600,000; with Government sponsor up to 3/4 of the approved project total, on a reimbursement basis after project completion.

Step 1.

Application Preparation

We make sure your application requirements are met, application project is relevant to your business and of benefit to your business growth, takes about 1.5~2months; at this moment you have to inject your 1/4 portion of the project sum to your bank a/c.

Step 2.

Screening & Approval

upon review and approval by the Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) dept, approx. 1/4 of the approved project amount will be injected to the same bank account – it takes approx. 2 months assuming you respond to ITC's questions on time.

Step 3.

Executions & Get Fund

Technology upgrade shall commence, need to complete within 12 months; file completion report and wait for reimbursement which takes approx 2 months — balance project amount advanced by the applicant will be reimbursed by ITC.

Why Choose Us?


Agile and smart integration of technology… for efficiency and profitability.

Easy Communications

Easy, non-techy dialogue… saves your time and get things done.


Personalised and attentive servicing to assure the best customer experience.

Common IT/Technology
problem and why it matters.

  •  aged workflow system hamper efficiency and your staff who use it daily will feel the heat and pressure… upgrading to improved, scalable, and highly available cloud solution energize your team and gives your company the edge over competitors.
  • insufficient analytic data to improve supply chain and customer experience; upgrade your system with better analytics help focus your enterprise resources and translate to better customer satisfaction and business growth.

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We have great passion and enthusiasm for technology, and enjoy creatively integrating technology for best efficiency and profitability for our clients.

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